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Operation continuity is critical in todays business environment. Disruption to shipping functions breaks supply chain and undermine company-wide productivity.  CaggicSys, an info-communication (ICT) and data management systems (DBMS) deployed across a user-friendly platform ensures continuity, unify workflows and co-work simultaneously with suppliers, customers, freight forwarders and logistics service providers.   Development in progress, CaggicSys consolidate company-wide functions, synchronize inter-departmental workflows and tightens company-wide overall performance.

Whether you are working with suppliers and customers for purchase orders or coordinating shipments with your service providers, CaggicSys eliminates duplicating emails and fragmented documents, consolidate and organize communications,  saves valuable time and increase productivity.

Unleash the efficiencies of simultaneous workflows and automatic data with CaggicSys ICT and DBMS system, created by people who has been on both side of the fence working as freight forwarders and shipping managers in major exporting MNCs.
Person Analyzing Data
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